Emotional Hieroglyphic Studies

By Peter Kimack

It’s the story of this civilization. Can you dig it?

  • Part 1: After the Beginning
    When it all starts, the whole world is all water, like ankle deep. And then these groups of people sort of happen. But they need places to live, so they are working and living together in harmony and start hauling all this mud out of the ocean to build houses.

  • Part 2: The Structuring
    This makes the water deeper, as the buildings get higher. And all these mud houses, being built, that ain’t going to last long, you can just tell. You can see they are getting socially organized, and all lined up like that, with one guy at the top of the building who thinks he is the Grand Poobah of the civilization. He orders his subjects to reproduce, so he can have more people to subjugate. He’s all about greed and power. But it can’t last, can you dig?

  • Part 4A: The Collapse (detail)
    Here you can tell where it’s all starting to cave in. Too many people in this civilization are making the buildings fall back into the water, and people are drowning. Then, finally there’s only one building left, with all these cats trying to make it to the top to stave off destruction.

  • Part 4B: The Cataclysm
    But it all comes to an end, there are just way too many people and not enough space for everyone to live anymore. And that’s the fact that flings all these people into a whirling vortex. Way, way out man, so the sky is filled with falling people. All disintegrating back into the water.

  • Part 4C: Before the End
    And in the end, there is just this one last miserable dude left out of the whole world, alone, and it could be you or me. And you wonder…is that pile of mud going to go first or is he going to run out of pebbles first?

Emotional Hieroglyphic Studies – At the Canessa Gallery
December 2020